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Retweetd From Hampton School Drama

'Pure joy'. A huge well done to our incredible cast and crew of Joseph! Thank you to everyone who supported our production - we had so much fun!


Y11 , & 学生们在展览会上展示了他们的GCSE课程作业,让观众们惊叹不已. They worked long hours & we are so proud of their commitment! See more photos in the next school magazine!


Waldegrave was delighted to have from consultancy speak to our economists. 她不仅对咨询业有独到的见解, 但也教育学生文化的重要性,以及为什么这在工作中很重要.


Retweetd From Waldegrave Sports

热烈祝贺线上买球app的U ' 15板球队,他们在昨天的比赛中打破了它, finishing 1st place, well done girls! 🏏🏆


Retweetd From Waldegrave Sports

A tough game for the U18 Boys Basketball last night, 谁打得很努力,但在第一节后失去了领先优势,并没有恢复. Well done to for taking the victory, 53-30 🏀🏅


Retweetd From Anna Freud NCCF

Watch: This "So What?“研讨会讨论社会关系对进入青春期的年轻人的重要性, 探索社会关系与年轻人的心理健康和幸福之间的关系


Retweetd From Hampton School Drama

Wishing the best of luck to the cast, 2023年青年音乐剧《线上买球app》的工作人员和音乐家. Opening night tonight - break a leg! 🤞🎭🎶🌈


Retweetd From Anna Freud NCCF

This focuses on connection. When we are feeling low or anxious, it can be easy to stop seeing our friends as much as we usually do. 请访问线上买球app的On My Mind页面,获取帮助年轻人与朋友联系的技巧 & family.


So proud of Coco & Alexa in Y8 who came 6th in the CyberFirst Finals, run by which aims to support girls interested in a career in cyber security. Solving digital & physical problems & 与人数是两倍的球队竞争,他们做得很好!


Our A Level students were delighted to welcome into school for an insightful talk on the importance of in everyday life. 这不仅显示了工程作为一个职业的多样性,而且突出了该职业的创造力和独创性!


Retweetd From YoungMinds

Our advice on how to be a better listener this .


Retweetd From Anna Freud NCCF

Do you sometimes struggle with your child’s behaviour? 作为父母,你想更好地了解自己和孩子的情绪吗 & behaviours? 然后从2023年2月20日开始加入线上买球app的下一个免费在线反思育儿小组.


Head of Personal Development & Citizenship (PSHE), Waldegrave School, Richmond upon Thames


Retweetd From YoungMinds

It's Day on 2 Feb. Make space on that day to talk to someone about mental health. Talk about how you feel, a problem you’ve been struggling with, or anything you want to get off your chest. Let’s get talking.


Retweetd From Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

The UK Online Commemoration for 2023 will begin today at 7pm. Join our host 线上买球app从过去汲取教训并致力于创造更美好的未来时.


Retweetd From Richmond Council

Tomorrow is 这一天是纪念在大屠杀中被杀害的数百万人的国际纪念日. 你选了几本书让各个年龄段的读者都能深入了解这一重要的历史时期吗.


Another successful completed! Nearly 1400 students took part in and tasks. 非常感谢许多外部发言人以及线上买球app出色的工作人员,是他们让这一天如此成功. Look out for photos in our upcoming bulletin and magazine!


Teacher of Religious Education, Waldegrave School, Richmond upon Thames


Our Y13 Geographers are back at Waldegrave after an inspiring week of at ! Amazing efforts from all despite the chill! 线上买球app现在期待着在他们下周开始写作业时使用这周学到的技能. 🌲🌿

Training Bursaries and Scholarships


DfE为化学、计算、数学和物理专业的学生提供2.7万英镑的免税奖学金. Scholarships worth £29,与专业化学机构合作,提供免税000英镑, computing, mathematics, and physics. 一项价值2.7万英镑的免税语言奖学金将提供法语、德语和西班牙语.

There is also a £25,000地理及语言(含古语)免税奖学金, a £20,000 tax-free bursary for biology and design & technology and a £15,000 tax-free bursary for English.

For further details please click on the link below:

Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarships

数学教师培训奖学金是第11个年头,将有270个数学奖学金颁发给那些在2023/24年开始初始教师培训的学生, 谁对数学有热情,并希望与他人分享他们的知识-在课堂上激发年轻的思想.

数学奖学金还打开了一个持续专业进修、网络和知识分享机会的世界. This includes complimentary membership of key mathematical societies, 提供有关数学和数学教育最新发展的丰富信息,以帮助激励和支持教师发挥他们的作用. 线上买球app的持续专业发展(CPD)活动为数学学者提供了听取鼓舞人心的演讲者的机会, take away resources and talk to experienced maths teachers, 建立可以持续一生的人际网络,让他们有信心在事业上取得进步.

In addition to the above, a Maths Scholar will receive a tax-free bursary of £29,000 during their initial teacher training year.

Want to find out more?

来参加线上买球app的网络研讨会吧,数学奖学金团队将在那里直播, talking about the Scheme and answering all your burning questions such as: how it is different to the government’s normal bursary for initial teacher training; what additional benefits do Maths Scholars receive as part of the Maths Scholarship; how can the Scheme help an ITT trainee during their initial teacher training year.

线上买球app还将邀请一位来自优秀教师培训机构的代表参加,他将回答有关申请教师培训过程的任何问题.  Please note that this advice is provided independently of any provider.

To sign up to a webinar, email with your preferred date from the following list:

  • 14:00-15:00  Tuesday 7 March 2023
  • 10:30-11:30  Wednesday 19 April 2023
For further information please see the Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarships website.

Institute of Physics Teacher Training Scholarships are now open!

The IOP is awarding 175 奖学金提供给有热情从事物理教学事业的优秀人才. 

Benefits of an IOP Scholarship:

  • £29,000 tax-free funding
  • Support to develop their physics teaching skills 包括持续专业发展(CPD)研讨会和活动
  • Networking opportunities with fellow scholars
  • Access to classroom resources
  • Free IOP membership during the teacher training year - this means having access to Physics World publications, our exclusive Career Development Hub and various special interest groups 

You can download below a copy of our: 

Application deadline
The first application deadline is on Monday 28 November, with further monthly deadlines announced through to July 2023.

线上买球app还将举办每月一次的网络研讨会,为潜在的申请者提供一个很好的机会来了解更多关于教学的知识, 奖学金申请和解答他们问题的机会.

For more information, please visit or you can contact us at


BCS Computing Teacher Training Scholarship Programme

线上买球app很高兴地宣布,今年的BCS计算机教师培训奖学金计划正在接受申请, offering successful applicants £29,000 tax free funding.


除了免税资助,学者还可以通过网络研讨会获得专题专家的支持和指导, workshops, and other CPD. 线上买球app还提供了一个指导计划,学者可以在整个培训年度访问.

Please see the Scholar Benefits 如欲了解更多信息,或潜在候选人对奖学金有任何疑问,请提供传单 get in touch,